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We also specialise in short run DVD duplication solutions as well as volume DVD replication services for films, instructional videos, presentation DVDs, and other marketing materials. DVD duplication often refers to low volume, short-run copying from a master disc.

However, DVD replication typically relates to large volume copying of a glass mastered (or pressed) DVD. DVDs are then copied by stamping an impression of the master disc onto blank DVDs. This is an efficient and highly effective method of replicating DVDs on mass.

CD Duplication, CD Replication

Amstore offers quality CD duplication services from our state of the art production facilities in central london, UK.

Our services include short run and volume CD duplication for conference CDs, promotional CDs; audio discs, software releases, product catalogues and other disc based coporate maketing material.

We supply high quality glass mastered (pressed CDs), that are screen printed or litho printed, from 500 to literally thousands of units, with a huge choice of CD packaging.

If you would like more information on our CD duplication or audio CD production services, inclcuding price lists, then please contact a member of our sales team on the number above.


  • Fast lead times
  • Fair & aggressive pricing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full Artwork & Product support
  • Quality products
  • Responsive service

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CD Duplication

CD Duplication is the process of Duplicating Data or Audio onto blank, recordable CDr media.

DVD Duplication

Amstore has become a preferred supplier of DVD duplication to many of the UKs leading companies within the entertainment and corporate markets.

DVD / CD Duplication Vs Replication

Simply put Duplication is the process of copying the data/ audio on to pre-manufactured blank CDr’s / DVDr's and then printing the artwork on to the top of the disc.

Audio CD Production

In addition to our manufacturing solutions, we also offer first grade audio CD production services and promo CDs, delivered by our skilled audio engineers.
From our on site music studio, we provide CD mastering, audio engineering and music recording for all budgets. We can deliver shop quality audio CDs, produced for the music industry from indiviual artists through to the major record labels.

CD / DVD Duplication & Replication Prices

We review all of our CD and DVD duplication prices on a weekly basis to ensure that we continue to bring our customers cheap duplication services, at low cost. With competitive pricing, Amstore still boasts some of the best product quality standards and fastest turnaround times within the industry. So whether recording music or information about the 10th planet our Duplication service will be able to help.


Ideal as a promotional tool, we have developed an extensive range of promotional USB flash drives. Perfect for conferences, promotions and distributing content internally or directly to clients.

USBs provide a reusable and greener solution for storage of digital files and are excellent as promotional business gifts. We can supply these flash drives printed with your company logo and pre-loaded with your own unique conten as required.

There are options of 128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb in various styles. We can also design and manufacture custom USB drives in a wide array of shapes and szes. Our sister site, Amstore Memory, provides more information about our flash duplication services as well as showcasing a gallery of our promotional usb drives.

Amstore has launched it’s Video Brochure Division (VideoPak) in 2010, and have worked with major brands all over the world. VideoPak is the market leader for custom made Video Brochures and Presentation Boxes. Please visit our You Tube channel for Video Demos and also our Video Brochure website for more information.

Amstore Administration centre is in central London.

Quick Contact

For general sales enquiries, please contact us on 020 7940 6800 or complete our simple quick inquiry.

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