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Multi Tray Pack

Multi tray pack cases for DVD and CD packaging Multi Tray Pack DVD cases give you the flexibility of packaging a large quantity of discs.

They are available in a variety of formats that will take from two to twelve, or even more discs if required. The larger cases are excellent value and can hold multiple discs, but are no wider or taller than a standard DVD case or DVD Tray Pack.

The trays clip together in whatever quantity is required, and the outer board packaging is printed and die cut to fit the number of trays needed.

The folding boxboard element of the pack is folded down on itself to form double thickness panels for extra rigidity. The pack can be gloss or matt UV'd or laminated and can be embossed, de-bossed, foil blocked or have die cut slits. For even more rigidity than the folding boxboard option, the stacked trays can be sandwiched between casebound board usually up to 2000 micron.

There are special plastic clasps that can be moulded into the first and last stacked trays to clasp the pack shut and the Multi Tray looks even better when placed in a slipcase. If a cheaper option is needed you can simply shrink-wrap the pack closed.

Although originally designed to store DVDs, multipack options are becoming more and more popular for CD packaging. Our Digistack cases are suitable for both DVDs and CDs.

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multi tray pack cd casesDVD and CD duplication production for short runs and CD and DVD replication for  higher large  runs,  standard  DVD packaging is suitable for all production.

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