CD & DVD Tin Cases

CD & DVD Tins

Tin DVD CasesThis unique and refreshing way of presenting CDs and DVDs has been brought into the Amstore CD & DVD packaging range. Round metal CD tins and DVD tins are designed to give greater impact to launches and promotions, as well as providing a durable means of CD storage.

All of our multimedia tin CD cases are made from only the highest quality metal. They are finished primarily with a silver glow tinplate, giving a very stylish and high quality finish.

Metal CD TinsCD TinThese metal CD tins give you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and add value to your project. As well as this, they offer far superior storage for your CD or DVD, featuring foam or plastic inserts as protection within the case. Amstore also has extensive experience in designing special edition tin DVD cases for promotional items and videos, as well as metal CD tins for many recent music releases. 


DVD TinWe are able to offer customised CD and DVD tin printing using pad printing process, Screen printing, Litho and embossing. Which printing process is used depends on the volume, client requirements and the design.

In addition to the standard metal round tin CD cases and DVD tins, there are options of rectangular and bespoke design according to client requirements. Our tin DVD cases and metal CD tins can be custom designed and provided in a wide range of sizes and shapes and typically feature either removable or hinged tin lids.

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Tin CD Cases


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